Suzie Litton Wood

Wisdom Teacher, Psychic Archaeologist, Past Life Exploration & Channel for Healing.

Suzie was born into an Irish Farming-Romany family and is very proud of her Celtic heritage. Her connection with all things spiritual began at a very early age, in fact Suzie has very profound pre-birth memories. When only four years of age she was found by her Father, holding hands with her 'dead' Grandmother, with never a thought that this could not be possible.. All through her childhood she communicated, telepathically with other children whom she had never met. Members of her family and close friends felt immediate benefit from her 'healing hands' when laid upon them........something her (Romany) Father was anxious for her to keep secret from the Nuns and Priests involved in her very Catholic upbringing. That Suzie has always walked and talked with Angels, will come as no surprise to those who know her, and maybe, not even her strong connection to the Ancient Ancestors. Suzie has a B.A. Degree in History and has always had a strong fascination for Archaeology. Suzie will tell you that she is not a 'Spiritual Medium' in the usual sense of this 'term'. She does not 'summon' spirits to come and speak with her, she believes they appear to her simply because she is 'open' to the possibility. She feels that all of us have this capability, especially as children, before conditioning makes us sceptical of all things paranormal. Likewise, intuition is something that our 'logical' brain, our conscious mind, often overrides and discounts, even before our sub-conscious has an opportunity to take on board and analyse.

".......If you close your eyes, open your Heart and 'still' your Mind, then listen to your 'inner voice,' all you will hear is loving truth......." SUZIE LITTON-WOOD

Talks & Workshops:

Walking Between Worlds
Awakening the Goddess Within
Channelling Spirit
The Magdalene Theory & Merrovingian Dynasty
Dragons - Fact or Fiction

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Suzie Litton-Wood B.A., GHR
Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Reiki Master,
Sound & Vibrational Healing
Guided Meditation