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The story is told through the eyes of Jessie, a young girl, living with her family on a working narrowboat, at the time of the First World War. This amazing insight into the day-to-day life of a typical narrow boating family of that time, their joy and their pain is told in rich dialect and in such a descriptive way that you will feel you're actually there, experiencing every moment, as the story unfolds.

Narrowboat Longton
Narrowboat Longton at Long Buckby

Suzie has 'channelled' the entire work, each chapter written from the actual dialogue of Jessie herself. She therefore makes no apology for the dialect or grammar, her desire to reproduce Jessie's words exactly as they were given to her, has remained paramount throughout. Whether you believe that Spirits from the past can actually tell their own stories from beyond the grave, or not, will make no difference to your enjoyment of this heart rending, warm and very human story....

............"It was early one mornin' when these two men in uniform cam marchin' over the bridge and down the towpath towards our boats. We'd been moored up at the Barge Inn for the night 'cos they always gave us good dry stablin' for Hercules our horse. Well as I was sayin', these two uniforms came marchin' up to our boat and the knocks on the cabin side like.

"Hey up Missus" says the one to me Ma, "We've come about Joshua Ridley."

"Our Josh, what would you be wantin' with him?".....................

.........An evocative story set on the canals of England at the turn of the twentieth century. An intimate window on the day-to-day life of one family in particular, who were deeply affected by the time and tides of War, the prejudices, the sense of community, the isolation, the hardship and the sheer joy of a working narrowboat family in the early 1900's.